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From as early as I can remember, I sought to explore how everything around me was constructed. I have always loved using my hands to create. At a young age, I had found afghan squares in my grandmother’s attic. Inquiring about them, my grandmother stopped what she was doing, and showed me how to crochet right then and there. She ignited the flame –

I was making my very own squares before long! From there, it was designing clothes for my Barbie dolls and using play dough for accessories.

The desire to create and educate myself on all that I can has never subsided. After my children became young adults, I was inspired again when I discovered lamp working and metal clay at an Art Festival in my hometown of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Over the past few years, I have chosen to learn under some of the best in their craft. Experimenting with a multitude of mediums, affords me unlimited possibilities in my creations.

My strong influences of nature, keepsakes, vintage, and the challenge of up cycling to reawaken its beauty go into all that I create. What makes my jewelry unique is my hands have played a part in each and every piece that you see – my life long passion wouldn’t have it any other way!


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